School Teachers’ Training Program

Many the teachers and students, who aspire to become teachers, do not get exposure to science experiments and laboratory based teaching at school level. School Teacher Training Program of Nehru Centre (Science Laboratory) would serve as a training platform to gain experience in this regard.

The main objectives of the training program are:

  • To orient and train in teaching the concepts of science through hands-on activities.
  • To design and develop cost effective and innovative experiments with easily available resources for hands-on activities.
  • To develop teaching materials such as write-ups, student’s worksheets etc. related to hands-on activities.

School Teacher's Meet

Science laboratory conducted its first School Teachers’ Meet on 11th January, 2020. Total 17 teachers from different schools (from Municipal to International schools) participated. During the workshop the teachers were given exposure to the experiments and experimental setups developed at the science laboratory and their inputs were taken.

Nehru planetarium conducted School Teachers’ Meet on Saturday 6th August 2022. Total 31 teachers from different schools and education board participated. During the meet the teachers were introduced to science laboratory activities and exposed to the various experiments and experimental setups developed at the science laboratory that are used for teaching the science concepts to mid-school students. A general discussion on the topics that are needed to be materialized using practical approach and association with Nehru Centre on various programs.

Hands-On Laboratory Session for School Teachers

Nehru Centre Science laboratory conducted the “Hands-On Laboratory Session” for school teachers, on Saturday 17th September 2022The participants were mid-school science & mathematics teachers from different schools and education boards. The laboratory session had two activities that were performed by the participants. Each activity was performed by a group of two teachers.

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