Horticulture and Landscapes

Horticulture is the culture of plants for food, comfort and beautification at Nehru Centre. Horticulture is very well defined with the landscape themes at the Planetarium and DOI Building.

Our Horticulture set-up mainly focuses on trees, flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruits and ornamental plants.

Rare plants are planted at the Nehru Centre, some of the plants are now under extinction such as Madras Thorn, Wood apple etc. Landscapes are so designed to receive the sculptures, to blend with them.

Horticulture staff are talking almost care to enhance the quality of the plants by Grafting, Budding, Pruning etc.

We have an array of trees. We have the largest slopping garden of 3,700 sq meters. planted with a combination of Cynodon dactylon (Makhmali) with Paspalum grass, with a remarkable slopping terrace drain system.

Nature-loving visitors and children are taking the tour of the Horticulture set up at the Nehru Centre. Our aim is to introduce various trees to them explaining their usages and properties.

For additional information please contact:

Mr. S.P. Verma, Jt. Director (Maint., / Security & Protocol)

Tel:  24920526   Ext 108

Email[email protected]  |  [email protected] 

Mr. Milind Tawade, Dy. Director – Civil & Exhibitions

Tel:  24920526  Ext 139

Email[email protected]   |   [email protected]

A few of our plants

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