Nehru Centre Science Laboratory

Nehru Centre – Science laboratory aims in popularizing and enhancing the curiosity of gaining knowledge of science among teachers, school students and parents.

The objective behind setting up this dedicated facility is:

To encourage experiment-based teaching and learning of science.

To provide an opportunity for the school students where they can get first-hand experience in handling laboratory apparatus and performing various experiments on their own.

This can help students to develop skills to tackle any difficulty in understanding the concept and to cultivate interest in the subject which in turn could benefit them in their academics.

The Science Laboratory, situated in the basement of the planetarium is equipped to conduct scientific experiments and demonstrations for students of standard 8th, 9th and 10th for current academic year.

The laboratory can accommodate only 30 students at a time. Personalized attention is given to every student. The admission to the workshop is on first-come-first-serve basis.

Topics like Astronomy, Biology (Botany), Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics (Force) and Optics, are presently covered. Other topics like Sound, Heat, Mathematics would also be added in due course of time.

Dedicated instructors/demonstrators guide the students in conducting the experiments. Language is not a barrier while teaching. Students from all different mediums are given equal opportunity to be a part of the workshops. Each topic is covered in five sessions of three hours each.

The workshops are designed keeping in mind all the different education boards and their curriculum to reach out to the maximum number of students.

The experimental set-ups used in the workshops are completely designed and developed in-house using easily available resources. All the students get participation certificates, after completion of the workshop.

The workshops are conducted every weekend for general mid-school students and during the weekdays for schools with the required permissions. Vacation workshops are conducted during such Summer, Diwali and Christmas vacations.

Fee: The laboratory sessions are entirely free for every participating students.

Please note: Science Laboratory is closed on all Mondays.

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