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You can experience a world where Art, Culture, and Knowledge intertwine.

The Nehru Planetarium

The planetarium has been making learning Astronomy a pleasant experience.  It also has grown into a Center for the scientific study of astronomy and for a meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures, arranged periodically on various stellar and Astronomical events.

Nehru Centre Science Laboratory

Nehru Centre science laboratory situated in the basement of the planetarium is equipped to conduct science experiments prescribed for the students of standard VIII, IX, and X in their textbooks.  To that extent, this laboratory supplements their academic studies.

Culture Wing

Established in 1990, Culture Wing promotes new talents in music, dance and drama. It also presents classical music programmes, Mushaira and Kavi Sammelan. It organises annual music & dance festivals and lecture demonstrations by experts.


The Nehru Centre Auditorium is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, including excellent acoustics and seating arrangements. It is an ideal venue for music concerts, dance performances, theatre productions, lectures, and conferences.

Discovery of India

Discovery of India Exposition, a permanent unique exposition, covering everyaspect of artistic, intellectual and philosophical attainment of India through ages, is depicted in 14 galleries which seeks to determine, true identity of the country.


Nehru Center has exhibition halls for the exhibitors, two large exhibition halls on the ground floor and three halls on the second floor of the Discovery of India building.
Several national and international exhibitions are held here. The exhibition halls are well lit and air-conditioned.

Art Gallery

It is dedicated to the promotion of young talent and provides a platform for them to exhibit their work along with that of eminent artists. The Gallery has featured a wide range of well-known painters and sculptors to students of art colleges. There have been several noteworthy exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, graphics, calligraphy, ceramics, textile-paintings and photography.

Nehru Centre Library

Nehru Centre Library is located on the first floor of the Discovery of India building and has achieved immense popularity as a reference library. It is now open to academicians, students and the general public for reference purposes.

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