Booking of the Art Gallery

At present the space available is in two parts. One is air-conditioned and approximately 2500 sq.ft. giving 150 running feet, expandable by using dividing panels. The Circular Gallery with 125 running feet for displaying paintings. But the sculptures can not be displayed there. Both are situated on the ground floor of the Discovery of India Building of Nehru Centre.

The procedure for Booking the Galleries

The brochure of Art Gallery is available in the Gallery office on payment. The brochure consists of Two Application Forms.

Only Form No. 1 has to be filled in and submitted along with

  • A covering letter
  • Bio-data of the artist
  • 4 Photographs of His / Her works (In case of group Exhibition, each one’s bio-data and photographs must be submitted.After the selection, adding or replacing any names in the group is not permitted
  • After receiving out letter of allotment of the dates, the Form No. II has to be submitted with the payment mentioned in our letter.
  • Outstation artists should pay by Demand Draft or Cash.
  • The tariff ins given in the brochure. Please note that the Management reserves the right to decide the quantum of fees and can increase the amount as and when required.
  • Please note that we only accept Application Forms from the original Brochure and not by downloading from the net. The brochure must be collected physically from the Gallery Office or by sending the Demand Draft after confirming the amount on the phone during office hours 10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. daily (except Saturday & Sunday).

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